Challenging The Darkness: Os Guinness


The Survival Of Western Civilization: A Quote From D.G.Spillman 

"​The greatest point of deception, the biggest stumbling block, the widest plank in the eye of humanism is this; they cannot see that the survival of Western Civilization is only made possible by a Christian base, the rock upon which the house of the West has been built is the love of Jesus. Even today … Continue reading The Survival Of Western Civilization: A Quote From D.G.Spillman 

Easter Against the Gnostics

P. Andrew Sandlin


The earliest heresy afflicting Christianity was Gnosticism. The followers of our Lord, committed to the Bible, believed that God created a good world but that man’s sin had corrupted it, and yet God sent his Son in human flesh to die on the Cross for man’s sins and rise again to redeem man and all creation. We celebrate these latter momentous events this Holy Week.

Gnosticism Yesterday

The Gnostics had an entirely different worldview.[1] They believed that the Evil God of the Old Testament (the Demiurge), the God of law and cruelty and capriciousness, was countered by the good God of the New Testament, the God who sent Jesus Christ to deliver a fallen humanity from the Evil God and his evil world. Obviously, the Jesus of the Gnostics was (and is) not the Jesus of the Bible and of the Christians, and the Fall recorded the Bible is…

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