The Survival Of Western Civilization: A Quote From D.G.Spillman 

“​The greatest point of deception, the biggest stumbling block, the widest plank in the eye of humanism is this; they cannot see that the survival of Western Civilization is only made possible by a Christian base, the rock upon which the house of the West has been built is the love of Jesus. Even today while many would argue the merits of Chinese, Indian and Islamic art, science and culture, nobody is trying to immigrate to the People’s Republic, the Indian subcontinent, nor any country in which followers of Islam make up a majority. That stat alone tells the truth most media outlets refuse to consider.

When the Christian majority becomes the minority in the West, the West will fall, chaos will ensue and persecution will become commonplace.

When the good news of the kingdom has been preached all over the world and told to all nations, the end will come. Matt. 24:14

Despite all of the hate. Despite all of the persecution. Despite the evil inflicted on true believers as scapegoats for the world’s problems, despite all of that, or even because of all of it; true Christians will preach and live the gospel of Jesus Christ in such an honest and open way that it will reach sections of the world populace that have otherwise been impenetrable.” – D. G. Spillman, SPC Journal Spring 2017.

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