How To Pray When Under Attack

Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Global Prayer Network


Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Global Prayer Network
How do I pray when I am under demonic attacks? Here are a number of guidelines
that we trust will be useful. Carefully study each of them and apply it to your life.
Much more can be said, but these few pointers are sufficient to lead you into

1. People often experience heaviness, darkness, despondency, confusion, and
discouragement. Too often we do not recognize it as demonic attacks. The
opposite may also be true: people start to rebuke Satan, but the main cause
is not demonic attacks. Frist and foremost you must make sure it is a
demonic attack. So often people think that the situation is because of
demonic attacks, while there are very logical explanations for it. In many
situations it is God that is dealing with us to show us some fleshly behavior,
un-brokenness, un-forgiveness, bitterness or self-pity in our lives. In every
situation it is important to ask the Holy Spirit to show you what is going on.
He alone can show us what the real situation is.

2. Satan works through feelings, but especially through relationships between
people. Many times there will be friction between people,
misunderstanding, resentment, etc. Too often however we do not recognize
the involvement of demons because all of these things look so “human”.

3. Jesus gained victory over the devil on the cross. In 1 John 3:8 we read: For
this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the
works of the devil (1 Joh.3:8). and that through death He might destroy him
who had the power of death, that is, the devil (Heb.2:14).
Confess the completed work of Jesus on the cross. Do not leave this
spiritual position of faith and trust in the cross. Equally important is to know
that through the resurrection you have the resurrection power of God in
you. Remember that the Holy Spirit lives in you. Our victory is through the
complete work on the cross and the power of His resurrection.


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