Russ Dizdar: Praying Against Satanic Rituals





If you can do this in groups

1. Stand as a believer in Jesus take time to worship and praise God and declare His word

2. Acknowledge the authority of Jesus, the cross and the Blood of Christ as you stand praising/singing

3. Bring up to the Lord what has been done by those who summon demons and sent them to harm

4. Ask the Lord for leading.. ask the Lord to destroy the devils works 1John 3:8/ Psalm 83;86

5. Pray .. target the spells, curse and rituals and command the demonic to be stopped and the
assignments to be destroyed.

6. Pray through… listening to the Spirit of God for leading

7. Pray that the Lord will deal with those who do this wicked summoning/sending of demons. And pray for their salvation.

8. Pray for those/anyone who has been targeted be these demonic summoning/sending and ask the Lord Jesus to shield them Psalm 91; 1Peter 1. And ask God to bless them and lead them in righteousness Ps 37

9. Pray for the Lost, witness, keep seeking the Lord.. pray Acts 4 prayer…


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