Brooks Alexander: Church And State



“…the function of the church is not to baptize the state into the Kingdom of God. The function of the Church is to dilute the state’s earthly character with Christian values. The state can be tempered, but not redeemed. The state is part of the world-order and will not enter into eternity. In Augustine’s thought, the concept of a “Christian state” is an oxymoron-a self-cancelling contradiction. ” (1)

“The Bible does not treat the state solely with approval or with disapproval, but with both. The state is temporary valid because God has ordained it to restrain the results of the fall; yet it is ultimately invalid because it violates the standards of the Kingdom of God to come.” (2)

“The First Amendment was meant to provide freedom for religion, not from it. Jefferson plainly thought that relying on God, both in public expression and in political action, was to be promoted, not discouraged. Jefferson erected his so-called “wall of separation”to protect religion from governmental meddling.  It never occurred to him that government should be protected from religious influence. The concept quite literally never entered his imagination.” (3)

1.  Brooks Alexander, SCP Journal,Vol. 39:1-39:2, page 59, 2015

2.Brooks Alexander, SCP Journal, Vol. 39:3-39:4, page 45,59, 2016

3. ibid, page 59.




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