Tal Brooke: The Garden of Digital Delights 

  Ever since the terrible event in Eden, when man chose the false promise of godhood and immortality over the Viseo Dei—the ineffable splendor of God’s presence—he has been allowed to suffer the folly of his choice. In a mere instant what had been an innocent and pellucid consciousness was flooded with an expanding darkness … Continue reading Tal Brooke: The Garden of Digital Delights 

John Piper: End – Time Prophecy

  "John Piper on the importance of studying end-time prophecy:  Many in my generation of evangelicals have held dispensational eschatological chart-drawing in such derision that we have been virtually paralyzed in our study of prophecy. For two generations, perhaps, we have failed to study prophecy with anything like the rigor that it deserves. We have … Continue reading John Piper: End – Time Prophecy