Russ Dizdar: Praying Against Satanic Rituals

    HOW TO PRAY AGAINST SATANIC RITUALS, WITCHCRAT SPELLS - DEMONS SENT If you can do this in groups 1. Stand as a believer in Jesus take time to worship and praise God and declare His word 2. Acknowledge the authority of Jesus, the cross and the Blood of Christ as you stand praising/singing … Continue reading Russ Dizdar: Praying Against Satanic Rituals


Frank Gaffney: The Sharia System

"This is the Sharia system. Its advocates dream of an Islamist conquest of the West by infiltration from within and attack from without; by the word and the sword. The future they envision has only one obstacle in its way: American constitutional democracy in all of its expressions—freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, equality between … Continue reading Frank Gaffney: The Sharia System

Leonard Ravenhill: Picture of a Prophet

  The prophet in his day is fully accepted of God and totally rejected by men. Years back, Dr. Gregory Mantle was right when he said, "No man can be fully accepted until he is totally rejected." The prophet of the Lord is aware of both these experiences. They are his "brand name." The group, … Continue reading Leonard Ravenhill: Picture of a Prophet


Lee Penn: Separation Of Church And State

    "American conservatives traditionally –before the rise of the religious “New Right” in the early 1980s – favored “separation of church and state” for what it meant to the Founding Fathers: that the government would not set up one denomination as a state church, and that all would have freedom of religion. It was … Continue reading Lee Penn: Separation Of Church And State


Tal Brooke: The Garden of Digital Delights 

  Ever since the terrible event in Eden, when man chose the false promise of godhood and immortality over the Viseo Dei—the ineffable splendor of God’s presence—he has been allowed to suffer the folly of his choice. In a mere instant what had been an innocent and pellucid consciousness was flooded with an expanding darkness … Continue reading Tal Brooke: The Garden of Digital Delights 


Brooks Alexander: Church And State

  "...the function of the church is not to baptize the state into the Kingdom of God. The function of the Church is to dilute the state's earthly character with Christian values. The state can be tempered, but not redeemed. The state is part of the world-order and will not enter into eternity. In Augustine's … Continue reading Brooks Alexander: Church And State


John Piper: End – Time Prophecy

  "John Piper on the importance of studying end-time prophecy:  Many in my generation of evangelicals have held dispensational eschatological chart-drawing in such derision that we have been virtually paralyzed in our study of prophecy. For two generations, perhaps, we have failed to study prophecy with anything like the rigor that it deserves. We have … Continue reading John Piper: End – Time Prophecy